Wind Power Works!

Support Wind Power!The Sea Earth Society is honoring wind power with a billboard located on Tehachapi Pass in Southern California.  

The billboard is located on Highway 58, just west of Mojave, California at the gateway to one of the largest and most successful wind farms in the world.  

Each year the Sea Earth Society recognizes those persons and companies engaged in environmental and conservation efforts with an announcement to various media. We believe that recognition is due for the contribution of wind energy as a clean energy source.

The Sea Earth Society has been promoting education and environmental concerns since 1993 and is focusing its 2002-2003 campaign on alternative energies - especially wind power.

Participate with us by making your tax-free contribution to the Sea Earth Society.  

Feel Good 
Be in harmony, love nature, with greatfullness for our wonder-filled blue planet 

Thank you for recognizing the Power of the Sun, Wind and Sea  

Thank you from the
Sea Earth Society,
 ...chairman don

Wind Energy . . . Clean Energy for our Environment and Economy.
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