Our favorite links are listed as the buttons on the left.  These are our sponsored projects.  We hope that you take the time to visit our projects and hope that you are inspired by what you see.

If you would like additional information on Costa Rica rainforest ecology  click here, and for additional information on Costa Rica's marine biology, click here.  

FEATURED LINKS - The Woman's World Expedition.  An around the world race involving 10 ultra endurance women athletes.  This challenge serves as an extreme physical achievement and hopes to generate greater awareness that we are one global community.;~eartheart22/:  John Chaney, long time Laguna Beach artist, created the visionary art in the Sea Earth Society circle seal.  He calls the inspiring wave and tropical waterfall scene "Aloha."  The Sea Earth Society has great respect for John's vision to help the Earth through his art and to one day create an eco-village.




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