The Sea Earth Society is committed to helping nature recover from the adverse affects of mankind, and to developing practices that serve to enhance the ecology. No other species has ever demonstrated the ability to so dramatically alter the earth's environment as humans have. We can support or destroy life at will. Along the way, we've destroyed much. Now it's time to repair the damage and enhance nature at every opportunity. 

This planet is home, and we must be proper stewards. Solutions can be, and are being found to repair the damage we've inflicted. Through reforestation, preservation, sustainable use practices, bio-enhancement, utilizing the best of high and low technologies, and a healthy dose of common sense, Sea Earth sponsored projects are making a difference. 

Two of our MarTierra projects in Costa Rica, Rainforest Park, and the Donald Peter Hayes National Wildlife Refuge currently protect over 600 acres of the planet's most biologically important rainforest. This preserve will host ecological, pharmaceutical and nutraceutical research centers. 

At the DaMadah project, 100 acres of rainforest lands, previously stripped of vegetation, are now returning to sustainable productivity of hardwoods and fruit. Sloth, monkeys, macaw and hundreds of other creatures are returning in droves. 

Sea Earth projects also extend to the biologically important Pacific coastal lands in Costa Rica, areas where the endangered Olive Ridley turtles lay their eggs. Through public awareness campaigns, and the establishment of turtle egg nurseries, our programs can help restore the turtle population. 

While we do receive some public support, substantial portions of our own resources are placed into these projects every year. Some might find it easy to pass the responsibility along, and say we've done our part. But so much more needs to be done and we are committed. Concepts must be developed into proven projects, and that information must be shared globally to make a real difference. This all takes money, human resources, equipment and time. With your help, more rainforest will be restored and more turtles will be returned to the sea. Together we will make a difference. To learn how to help, please click here

On behalf of Sea Earth Society, and all living things, thank you.

Don Hayes, Chairman



  Don Hayes 
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